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About John & Lyn


John and Lyn are metaphysical and spiritual teachers, counsellors, writers and artists. They have been studying and practising spirituality and esoteric principles for over forty years.


Their teaching is a fresh, vital unfolding of Life's principles, delivered with a light heart, grounded in common sense, and having practical application. They are joyfully and enthusiastically committed to sharing their ongoing spiritual and metaphysical discoveries and experiences.


Their illustrations of angels and nature spirits reveal these stunningly beautiful and uplifting beings in all their glory.






About Angels & Nature Spirits




...a world where every part of nature owes its life to the workings of angels, fairies and spirits of all kinds. The illustrations on this website depict such a world, where the hidden side of nature is revealed and celebrated, delighting the eye and lifting the heart.


Angels are beings of energy and light. They are breathtakingly beautiful, alive with shifting colour and radiance. They are the very essence of the joy of Creation and their work in our world is an expression of this.


Nature spirits are beings of earth, air, fire and water. They are the little brothers and sisters of the angels, metaphorically playing amongst the hems of the angels robes, helping to distribute their glory to the earth.



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